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Green Lips, Red Lips and Climate Change

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Green Lips or Red Lips? - That´s the question

  HM-Hetzel-Media- Interview with Fritz Griffin who published together with Karen Kommer the famous book called ,,Green Lips''


,,The world gives us lots of good things but look what we have done to the world!''
says Yada, a 13 year old Thai-girl, living in The Hague

Q:   Red Lips are magic, they are an invitation for a kiss. You wrote a book called ,,Green Lips.‘‘ Are ,,Green Lips'' as  seducing as ,,Red Lips?''

A: ....Absolutely! But even more so. Green Lips invites you to HUG; to hug a tree, and the blue and green earth. Green Lips has a double meaning. First, Green means young. And these young people invite you to join them in their love of nature, and their vision of hope for their future. Secondly, Green is obviously the symbolic color of how we must change our ideas about how we humans live on this small and only living planet yet known in the universe. Perhaps we can now evolve beyond our own red passions. Being green is so lovable and rewarding!


Green Lips - Book

                    Green Lips by Fritz Griffin and Karen Kommer


-  What´s the message of your book?

A: ....There is a difference between red and green. The Delight from green is sustaining and long lasting, not just a momentary thrill or the personal profit of red. The words of these green-lipped young people speak to a need to quickly develop a human modesty and a subsequent massive change in behaviour. This change of human attitudes is imperative. These young people express their heartfelt ideas and feelings about what must be done immediately as we face what our species has not faced before, The Global Triumvirate; the convergence of a dramatically consuming and rapidly expanding global population estimated to reach 10 billion in the near future, a human UN-economic system based solely on maximization of financial gain and UN-repayable debt that has lead to the decimation of the natural ecological system of the earth in our all-consuming search for 'resources' and the wars we wage to get them, and finally the the looming global climate crisis that we have more than partially engendered. The youth of this book accept these challenges with courage. They are ready and willing to give purpose and joy to their lives by being a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. They see rightly that this is a rewarding life's work. GREEN LIPS asks, will the world hear their pleas and insights and give them the support they need?

-  You quote the US-writer Richard Louv and his book: ,,Last Child in the Woods‘‘ and ,,Fate of the Earth.‘‘ It sounds fatalistic. What can we do to stop climate change?

A: ....We cannot speak for Richard Louv, of course, although his book has been a significant inspiration to a growing world audience, also here in The Netherlands, where it has been translated with support of a Ministry. As to the theme title "Fate of the Earth", we don't see this descriptive phrase any less dramatic than "Last Child in the Woods" , but the idiom does carry the content of inherent responsibility with it, and therefore lends some remnant of hope, which most people also desire. The youth in GREEN LIPS know what can and must be done is a massive shift in human "nature" toward the greater Nature of the whole Earth. We all have an ethical, moral and better purpose to fulfill. A new philosophy and cultural conscience for human activity is required. We, common and small humans, must learn the 'a priori' question. We must first be able to ask, "Why?" Why are we doing what we are doing? Is it necessary? This would obviously eliminate most of the excesses that we currently practice, reduce our consumption dramatically, and refocus our priorities on the natural world and maintaining our balance with it. Can we live happily and comfortably without more expansionism or substitutes for our current abuses? This applies to energy, finance, 'natural resources', and human competition. Re-education and responsibility are the sources for a better life. Our second task is to ask ourselves, if it is really necessary "how can we do it for less?", not opportunistically, "how can we take more by diverting the meaning of "Win-Win". All the talk is not of 'less' , but of getting "more" from so-called 'sustainable" or 'green' solutions. This hyjacking and 'greenwashing' subverts the real issue, which is in every case scaling down our own selfish demands and misplaced priorities based on promotions of ever-expanding concepts of 'growth', luxury, wealth and 'the pursuit of happiness'.

Green Lips smiling


Thus the first priority is a human change. and therefore our influence on climate change will result. If technology and innovation are necessary they can play a part, but they are not the starting point for the important transitional task of humans. We all must change starting from within to respond to the self-centric produced climate crisis that all humans regardless of less important nationality, religion, sex, or class face. WE are the 'fix'. We have that duty and Nature in common. Each one of us shares a role in changing , reducing our demands, our ambitions, and our activities, sharing, recycling, reusing, and not using, in order to have a less stressful human society in a less stressed climate in a more beautiful world. Beyond that we should look to the social solutions bio-regionalism, decentralization, local self and mutual reliance, and a collective consciousness, transparency, accountability, and social control.

-  Young Expats, living in The Hague, tell their concerns about the future and the climate change. Why did you chose this approach?

A: The GREEN LIPS that speak from the pages of this book are not primarily "Expats". but are also native Dutch youth, and members of families of immigrants, and refugees. However, these young people all share the experience of living in the "World Capital of Peace and Justice", and living at sea-level or below, and represent the broadest possible spectrum of backgrounds, origins, beliefs, and life experiences and therefore can speak with one voice on the global issue of their time from this truly multicultural and critically important world city. The Hague.

-  Are you optimistic or pessimistic that we can handle the climate change?

A: ....Both. We are pessimistic that global leaders, globalist organizations and government institutions will make this necessary transition in any kind of timely manner. All current efforts seem to be to support the very processes, attitudes and organizations which have delivered us to this critical point. They certainly have not been listening or have made such an effort so far to take seriously the call of young people such those in GREEN LIPS who want to make their voice about their present situation and future heard. We are optimistic because of what these young people are beginning to say and do; how they are taking individual responsibility; how they see that they can change themselves; that they realize how the climate crisis is related to the way we have done 'business as usual' and the destruction of nature and bio-diversity, and their prospects for a more peaceful and fulfilling life for all. They are optimistic, therefore we can be.

-  Huge parts of The Netherlands are below sea-level. Will Holland vanish into the North Sea as the sea-level is increasing?

A: It is a fact that the ice shields of the earth are melting and we are creating a whole different atmosphere around and surrounding the Earth. The Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has made projections available for all to see on their website of the implications of rising sea level and the expected impacts on The Netherlands. There are many activities past and present, in place and underway to combat this mounting problem so it must be serious, as it certainly is in many other places on the planet. Some say you should move to Amersfoort!




                                        The RedLips-Seduction



-  Will Green lips be more seductive in the future than red lips?

A:....Red lips have been a passion, with consequences, for most humans of the past. GREEN LIPS is a love of the present, possessing only bounds of self-restraint, that yield a fuller, richer nature of Being. Love those GREEN LIPS!

-  Thank you for the interview.


Fritz Griffin, US-citizen, and Karen Kommer, Dutch citizen, are well known artists, living in The Hague.



www.greenlips.org; www.griffinkommer.com

www.hetzelmedia.com, www.helmuthetzel.com


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